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Steam Generator Sizing

The type of materials used to construct your steamroom can have a profound effect on its capacity. The capacities shown for the MS and CU series generators on our price charts assume that your construction is tile on standard wallboard and framing, with no exterior walls.

If your steam enclosure construction is acrylic, fiberglass or some other formed plastic, a smaller generator than the chart indicates would be suitable, whereas construction involving concrete or concrete block walls, glass or glass block walls, exterior walls, etc., can dramatically increase the size of the generator required.

This page is designed to help you determine specifically what size generator you need, based on the dimensions and type of construction involved. Rather than go by the actual capacity of the steamroom, we calculate a Virtual Capacity based on the nature of its construction. You can use our interactive calculator below by completing the following fields or simply use the multipliers in parentheses to make your calculations manually. For manual calculations, add 15% for each foot over 8 feet in height and 1% for each foot of distance over 25' between the Steam Generator and the Steamroom.

Enter your dimension in inches
(or contact us for help if your space is not rectangular)
Width (Inches)
Length (Inches)
Height (Inches)
Enter the distance between the Steam Generator and the Steamroom if greater than 25 feet
If any below apply, check all that's appropriate...
All Walls Plastic, e.g. Fiberglass, Acrylic,
Cultured Marble, etc. (x 0.65)
All Walls Concrete, Natural Marble, Glass
Block, Stone, Slate, etc. (x 2.00)
One Exterior Wall (x 1.15) Two Exterior Walls (x 1.30)
Glass Wall in addition to door (x 1.15) Marble Bench or Cast Iron Tub (x 1.15)
Please check this box if your application is a commercial or public steamroom (constant duty)
Press this button to calculate your Virtual Capacity

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