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Art Glick, Webmaster, Programmer and Value-Added-Reseller of Computer Hardware and Software, has started writing an occasional newspaper column about the Internet for the West Virginia Daily News.

Although some of this information is dated or may apply just to Greenbrier County residents, it is hoped that most of the information will still prove useful to those of you living elsewhere. If you are an experienced user of the Internet, the bulk of this information may seem obvious, since it is intended mostly for the novice user. Either way, your feedback is welcome.

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It is rumored that when Oliver North was discovered making policy in the basement of the White House, his computer system was searched for incriminating messages. Colonel North, in an effort to thwart investigators, had erased any such messages from his system. But investigators were a little bit sharper than Ollie. They searched through backups of his system, with which Colonel North had not had the foresight to tamper. By comparing the backups to the system, they had an even easier time finding the documents they needed.

Many people mistrust technology, and its ability to pervade our lives. Often an Orwellian image is painted of "Big Brother" watching our every move. To be sure, the technology for such a dark society exists, but like any other great power or privilege, it can be used for both good and evil.

The good that a technology offers should not be discarded for fear of the evil that can be wrought. But all those with good in their hearts must be diligent and do their part to guard against the use of such things as wondrous as the Internet for the purposes of evil.

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