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Art Glick first began working with computers as a sophomore in high school in 1968. He ultimately graduated Summa Cum Laude (with First Honors) from Temple University with a degree in Electrical Engineering (BSEET).

Since the mid 1980's, Art has operated Almost Heaven Electronics, offering sales and service to institutions, businesses, professionals and home users in West Virginia. Art sold and installed the network at the Greenbrier County Circuit Court and is the preferred vendor for the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. Many businesses and agencies in the Greenbrier Valley depend on Almost Heaven Electronics for their computing needs. More complete references are available upon request, and you can click here for a short list of companies, professionals and agencies that are customers or clients of ours.

Local Greenbrier County residents may also know Art from the occasional newspaper column he authors about the Internet for the West Virginia Daily News. Previous editions of this column have now found a home here among these pages, and we hope that you will find them both entertaining and edifying. If you're interested in an alternative perspective, take a look. More generic versions of any of these columns are available for syndication and reprint. E-mail me for more details.


Quote of the Century

"...As the world presses in and knowledge presses out, the role of the interpreter grows. Men can no longer know everything themselves; the twentieth century has no universal man. All men today must learn to know through one another - to judge across their own ignorance - to comprehend at second hand. These arts are not easily learned. Those who would practice them must develop intensity of perception, variety of mental activity and the habit of open concern for truth in all its form."
- John Kennedy, April 1963 -


"If it's documented, it's already out-of-date!"

These pages are intended to be more than just an attempt at self-promotion, and we truly hope that we have achieved that end. Anyone can assemble and publish a home page, making the Internet the greatest experiment in human expression in the history of civilization. These are truly interesting times!

Please feel free to drop us an e-mail with your thoughts.


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