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No-Nonsense Web Sites

Almost Heaven Electronics specializes in producing no-nonsense web sites, particularly for commerce. We've been running our own successful business for almost 20 years. Unlike so many Webmasters that tend to live in a world of their own, we bring to the table a good understanding of the way to properly promote a business.

The same rules of layout, spelling, grammar and punctuation that apply to your business's printed matter should also apply to your Web Site, but these basic tenets are often ignored by the average web designer. In the interest of a more efficient and attractive Web, we've even outlined these sensibilities in our "Tips to Budding Webmasters".

Although you would expect to pay a premium price for such expert talent, at only $40.00 per hour (subject to change as demand increases), your cost might only be one-third to one-quarter the fees charged by many far less competent providers.

We concentrate on your content, rather than a "look what we can do" approach. If you have a message to convey, you want to avoid a site so heavy in tricks and graphics that none but an after-school surfer has the patience to view your pages.

That's not to say that we don't practice a few tricks of our own, like compressing your graphics so that they load much faster. We also offer full custom CGI, so you can have things like forms, counters, shopping carts, and data base queries operate dependably just the way that you want them to work.

When you have your Web Design done by Almost Heaven Electronics, you'll get a site that's attractive but does not waste bandwidth. Unless they actually contribute something to your site (and they seldom do), you will not see applets, frames or huge graphics. Why detract from your message with tricks?

We'll create an attractive site with an appearance that adds to your message. And we'll test it with several versions of the most popular browsers, just to make sure that you aren't leaving anybody out of the picture.

Beware of Web Hosting Services that charge high rates for the space and offer "free" Web Design as part of the deal! They have no incentive to spend the proper amount of time developing your site, and you keep paying them for substandard design month after month! There are plenty of Web Hosting Services on the net that will offer you ample space for your site for only $15 to $20 per month. You pay less in the long run and end up with a better looking site if you contract separately for the space and the design.

With a plethora of software programs being introduced that automatically generate web pages, you might not even need much web design anyway. Be forewarned, though, that all of these web page generators create work that needs to be well "tweaked" for the best results, and we offer these services as well.

If you already have a Web Site that needs help or updating, we'll be happy to take a critical eye to it and offer our comments, suggestions and improvements. For those sites that need constant updating, such as Real Estate or Automobile sites, we can offer a quick maintenance service or even show you how to update your site yourself. Why wait until your service provider gets around to it?

For one-third to one-fourth the going rate, you can have Almost Heaven Electronics design or improve your Web Site in a way that will produce results. Contact Art Glick for further information.

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The E-Z Spread n' Lift
E-Z Spread n' Lift

The E-Z Spread n' Lift is a unique time and labor saving device for installing ceiling drywall, kitchen cabinets and other things, as well as for spreading door frames. It is indispensable for the contractor or handyman.

The Classic Garden
The Classic Garden

A new site that's awaiting a permanent home and further content from the client. Staffed with highly talented professionals - all members of the APG (Association of Professional Gardeners), The Classic Garden can handle everything from consulting and designing, to planting and maintaining your garden. And, with the unique pool of artisans they've teamed with, finding the perfect accents for your garden is a breeze.

Friar Patch
Friar Patch

From the workshop of Fred Friar comes the most wonderful rocking chairs you have ever tried. Each one is hand made from various West Virginia hardwoods. They are not copies, everything is an original design. No two are exactly alike.

John Wesley Williams Furniture John Wesley Williams
Fine Furniture

John Wesley Williams - designer and craftsman of fine furniture. His work is so original and unique that it literally defies description. Already prized by collectors, John's list of awards and exhibitions for his work is quite impressive. It was truly a pleasure to work on this site!

WV Solid Waste
Management Board

Almost Heaven Electronics was on contract to this state agency for consulting for two years. We were on-site numerous times resolving a variety of issues relating to their PC operations, until they were able to hire someone in-house to handle such duties. The staff there is hardworking but affable, and our visits were always interesting and enjoyable.
The Board is responsible for handling all of the Solid Waste generated in the State of West Virginia, which is no easy task. Of course, recycling is the key, and the main inspiration for this web site is a progressive approach to encourage reuse of poultry litter and wood residue - the State's two biggest waste problems. With their "Jobs through Recycling" program, the plan is to help both business and the environment, which is surely the best of both worlds.

Although we were responsible for the initial layout and design of this site, it is now maintained in-house by the agency.


Please feel free to drop us an e-mail with your requests and comments.

Also please note that we always have numerous sites
under development, that are not posted here.
If you would like to see more, please let us know.


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