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You could say that we're "giving away the store" here, but it's really more important to make every effort to improve the state of the World Wide Web.

To be sure, there are some of you out there that have far more experience with Web Design than yours truly. However, designing an effective Web Site is more than just java script, frames and animated graphics. And these gimmicks often interfere with the actual intention of your web site, which is to get your company's message out to its customers.

As important as an understanding of Web Design, is an understanding of the basic rules of business - something that many Webmasters lack.

It is for this reason that we present the following...


www globe The Most Common Blunders Committed by Budding Webmasters

    It's truly surprising that so many so-called professional Webmasters miss the points that would be obvious to any successful business person. Don't look for any fancy tricks here. If you have a background in marketing these suggestions may seem obvious, but if you've been doing nothing but coding html, you may actually be able to learn something here.

© HTML Results for Special Characters
    If you're designing Web Sites and you'd like to add a few special characters to your pages, such as a math symbol, foreign character or ©, , , , , , , etc., then this page is for you. A table of each character as well as instructions can be found here.

No Frames! I Hate Frames!

    Well, we all have our own opinions, and the Web is the new electronic soapbox. Seriously, though, it seems that, like a new toy at X-mas, too many "Webmasters" are intent on cramming every darn CGI and HTML trick onto every page that they do. There's a time and place for everything, and the full spectrum of Internet users and browsers should be considered when designing a page. Frames are only part of the nonsense that this page lightheartedly flames against. Maybe you've got your own peeve. We're always open to suggestions. Drop us an e-mail.


Please feel free to e- mail us with your requests and comments.

"If it's documented, it's already out-of-date!"


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