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Sun in H-alpha

The Earth may seem pretty big to you. It is covered with oceans, vast mountain ranges, deserts, and jungles. However, the 8,000 mi. wide Earth has forever been caught in the grip of the giant 865,000 mi. wide raging thermonuclear reactor known as the Sun. Our nearby starís gravitational embrace whips our planet around a circle annually like a tiny toy all the while bathing us in light and energy.

You have to respect something that is still too bright to even glance at when it is 93 million miles away and YOU SHOULD NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN WITHOUT SAFE SOLAR VIEWING EQUIPMENT DESIGNED TO PROTECT YOUR EYES!

wvskytours has that safe equipment and can show you our most magnificent star in hydrogen-alpha wavelengths that reveal the amazing dynamic features constantly taking place in the Sunís chromosphere. See prominences hurling plasma thousands of miles out from the Sunís limb into space. Active regions around Sunspots and Flares, as well as the mottled and granulated surface of the Sun are all enhanced when viewed thru this special design telescope.

dedicated solar scope

While waiting for a look thru the scope get acquainted with this nuclear powerhouse that generously turns four million tons of itself into energy every second and sets it free. Watch DVD time-lapse footage taken of the Sun by NASAíS newest space based telescopes that reveal stunning images of solar activity close up.

32inch LCD Screen
32inch LCD screen

The past and the future of Earth are locked into events taking place on the Sun. Find out whatís in store for the future of the solar system and make a connection with the wonderful miracle that nourishes and sustains all life on our planet Earth.

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