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It's easy to understand why Tylo quickly gained such a good reputation with their steam generators, after offering the best sauna heaters in the world for so many decades. Two models are available in a wide variety of sizes and with a choice of control options, covering just about any possible residential steamroom situation, and Tylo's new and unique patent-pending construction improves operational reliability and prolongs service life, regardless of water quality.

Tylo Model VA Steam Generator

The model VA is a heavy duty, fully automatic steam generator. It is the unit of choice for both small and large residential installations.

VA components are of the very highest quality including Tylo's own rust/acid-resistant heating elements, self-cleaning, calcium-repellent electrodes and a welded, stainless steel water reservoir, which is emptied and flushed automatically at the end of each steam bath.

Other features include a remote control facility, infinitely variable temperature control, an energy-saving multi stage thermostat, an electronic water level indicator, a low water cutoff, a built-in safety valve and temperature cutoff, solenoid valves with built-in water filters and an adjustable steam head.

Tylo Model VA Steam Generator
The VA model generates steam continuously and always produces the right effect, regardless of the water quality or water level.

Tylo's VA generator must be permanently connected to water and electricity supplies. It can be located up to 50 feet from the steam room, such as in a well ventilated cabinet or equipment room, above, below or on the same floor as the steam room itself.

This unit is used in conjunction with a required separate control panel (see below for options), and is available in sizes of 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 kW (switchable for single or three phase power). The table below gives details of the appropriate output for the size and construction of your steam room.

Tylo Electronic Control Panels

These compact fully automatic touch-control panels provide remote operation and can also be connected to external switches or a central computer to control both the steam bath as well as other functions. They also a splash-proof housing and touch-sensitive keys. These electronic control panels can be placed at any distance from the steam room.

CC10 Control Maximum 3 hour run time, 0-10 hour preset. Light diodes indicate the temperature setting and time on a scale from 1 to 10. Manual and automatic on/off switch.

CC50 Control Switchable for 1, 3, 12 or 24 hours bathing timer. 0-10 hours pre-set. Display shows pre-set times and bathing temperature. Security code function to deny unauthorized users access to programmed values. The panel also has a memory function, on/off switches for steam room lighting and automatic/manual on/off.

CC300 Control Simple programming of the desired bathing time: 1,3, 12 or 24 hours or non-stop operation. Incorporates an energy saving stand-by function. Built in weekly timer for pre-programmed automatic day-by-day on/off times and bathing temperatures with up to 4 different settings per day.

External switch
For on/off control of the steam bath from places other than where the control panel is located. Several external switches can be connected to a single control panel.

Steam Generator Specifications

    Steam room size - min/max cubic feet        
    Lightweight Walls *** Heavy Walls        
    (glass, plastic, etc.) (tile, concrete etc.) Steam Per Unit Physical
  Output with without with without Production Dimensions (inches)
Model (kW) Ventilation Ventilation Ventilation Ventilation lbs./hour L W H
6 VA 6 105 - 282 141 - 530 71 - 176 88 - 283 17.6 22.4 8.8 19.1
9 VA 9 212 - 565 459 - 848 141 - 353 247 - 565 26.5 22.4 8.8 19.1
12 VA 12 494 - 777 777 - 1059 283 - 530 494 - 706 35.3 22.4 8.8 19.1
2 X 9 VA * 18 706 - 1059 989 - 1413 459 - 706 636 - 1059 52.9 24.2 17.5 19.1
2 X 12 VA * 24 989 - 1413 1342 - 1766 636 - 1059 989 - 1413 70.5 24.2 17.5 19.1
3 X 9 VA * 27 1342 - 1589 1695 - 2119 989 - 1413 1342 - 1836 79.4 22.4 8.8 19.1
3 X 12 VA * 36 1519 - 2119 2048 - 2472 1342 - 1766 1695 - 2119 105.8 22.4 8.8 19.1
A better steam generator sizing chart can be found on our Mr. Steam residential steam generator page.
* A single control can be used to operate all three generators
** Unit is switchable - 2.2 kW @ 120 Volts / 4.5 kW @ 240 Volts
*** Applies to Tylo Steamrooms as well

Click Here to load the Installation Instructions for these units (PDF Format - 395 Kb)
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Model Price
6 VA Steam Generator $2,484
9 VA Steam Generator $2,662
12 VA Steam Generator $3,091
CC10 Control Panel $392
CC50 Control Panel $576
CC300 Control Panel $1,206
External Switch $45
External Switch Cover - Stainless Steel $29
External Switch Cover - Ivory Acrylic $20

Mr. Steam
Almost Heaven also sells a wider selection of Mr. Steam brand Steam Generators
for just about any possible residential or commercial steam installation.

Almost Heaven also sells door for Tylo steam rooms
and for the do-it-yourself customer building an enclosure on site

Stylish, commercial grade steam doors with smoked, 6 mm (0.24") thick tempered safety glass with natural anodized aluminium handles and frame. Magnetic strips for a tight seal. Protective edging strip round door leaf. Drainage strip and air inlet at the bottom of the door. Doors (except the 99V) can be hung to open right or left.

Tylo Steam Doors
Steam Door 60 G
Frames and handles of anodized aluminum. Outer dimensions of frame: 187 x 78 x 10 cm (73.62" x 30.7" x 3.93") - Access width: 67 cm (26.4") - Supplied with Elysee/Excellent rooms.

Steam Door 50 G Compact model with frames and handles of anodized aluminum with concealed hinges. Outer dimensions of frame: 185.5 x 63.5 x 4.3 cm (73" x 25" x 1.7") - Access width: 55 cm (21.7")

Steam Door 101 G - Same as 60G only with no threshold & with access width of 89 cm (34.6") Can be hinged either left or right, as well as used as an upgrade for Elysee and Excellent rooms.

Model Price
Steamdoor 60 G $1,246
Steamdoor 50 G $1,147
Steamdoor 101 G $1,575
Steamdoor 101 G upgrade for Elysee and Excellent Steam Rooms $422

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