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Just about every web site has a "Testimonials Page", and we often wonder how many such recommendations are truly genuine. After all, someone can write anything that they want about themselves and attribute it to a pair of initials in some city somewhere. In fact, that's the reason that we resisted posting such a page on our web site at first.

Then we decided that our potential customers deserved to see what our previous customers had to say about our company and products. Since everybody else has such a page, we decided we needed one as well. Perhaps it is the nature of some of the testimonials we receive, too, which make us feel so good, we just have to share them with the world. We're also quite impressed with the eloquence of our customers, and feel that their comments deserve to be recorded for posterity.

Most of the testimonials below pertain to our saunas, but look closely and you'll also find testimonials pertaining to our steam products, hot tub systems, hot tub covers and ionizers mixed in below.

As we receive such praise, we'll add to this page in an unordered fashion (we admit that we put some of our favorites near the top!). If you're a previous Almost Heaven customer and wish to have your words inscribed for posterity on this page, please feel free to write us!

Here's what some of our customers have to say
about the quality of our products and service!

Sauna Testimonials
We purchased a pre built sauna from Almost Heaven and are super happy with our decision.

The company was very helpful with sales/communication leading up to our decision to purchase and after during design, shipping, and assembly of the sauna.

I had an early conversation with Art, where he directed us to the correct size for our family - I was initially thinking of something much larger but he said that would be more expensive and too large - correct on both fronts.

Once we determined the appropriate size, they were great to work with through the shop drawing/design process and on the specifics of bench configurations, door swing, window locations, roof, etc. and they were very patient with my feedback and comments. I wanted to get it right.

The shipping crate was well packaged and arrived on time.

My hesitation in going with Almost Heaven mainly had to do with the fact they did not have fancy marketing or a website with lots of pictures and or specifics on how the saunas are assembled - but it was testimonials like this and discussions with Art that helped reinforce my decision.

In terms of the product - everything went together as intended. The wood is beautiful/clear cedar and looks perfect (see picture), one of the other reasons I decided to go with Almost Heaven is because the walls are insulated and the sauna has an upper bench which is key in our cold climate - this sauna quickly heats up and retains heat.

We did have one minor hangup on the electrical side - the rough-in location provided was a bit low for our heater specified clearances and it was impossible to bend the heavy gauge wire to set it any higher, however, we placed where we could and it has been fine - the floor of our sauna is slab on grade.

All in all, it was a great decision and we look forward to years to come with this amazing addition to our home.

Gordon Magnin
Reno, Nevada

December, 2023
I don't write reviews except for the few rare occasions when I get service that goes absolutely above and beyond, and that has been my experience with Art and Almost Heaven.

I was looking to build a sauna for our home remodel in Northern California. Saunas in my area were extremely expensive, especially custom builds, but I found Almost Heaven online and figured I would take a chance.

Art held my hand through the whole experience, gave me every piece of information I asked for, communicated with my contractors, delivered a custom built sauna with beautiful cedar for a cost of a third of what it would have cost for me in my market, and delivered it on time.

Even more I ran into an issue with the sauna unit (not an issue from Almost Heaven or Art) and I reached out to Art and this was 5 years after my purchase and well beyond any warranty. Art emailed me back immediately with all the information to help and this is when I really knew that this service was special.

If you are contemplating going forward with Almost Heaven and you are out of market I can promise you from my experience that it is absolutely worth it.

Scott Barrows
Sebastopol, CA

January, 2024
I need to say how fortunate Anne and I are to have found you. Your knowledge of the unit, asking the right questions, access to the parts and factory support and your willingness to spend quality time on our project with us to make sure we had everything installed and wired correctly was all invaluable to us. We can't thank you enough for everything.

Andy & Anne Wall
Berkeley Springs, WV

December, 2023
I really appreciate the time you spent interacting with me and the knowledge you have. It's really refreshing in a time where most sales person don't even know their products. Even though it was done online, it felt like a real human interaction.

Thank you for your professionalism.

Nico Baudin
Anchorage, AK

February, 2021
I just wanted to give you some feed back on the Harvia heater I ordered from you for my sauna. I absolutely love it! It is efficient and works very well. I am in my sauna every single day and it is such a pleasure. Thank you again for providing your professional advice and expertise. I would recommend anyone interested in purchasing a sauna to get in touch with you in a heartbeat. I am a very satisfied customer.

Eleanor Homolko
Manlius, NY

April, 2020
Sauna is awesome. Experience building was very pleasant. Good instructions. Very, very precise cut. I almost did not need to cut anything at all. Overall very good product and wonderful (the best I ever had) customer communication experience.

Thank you for wonderful product.

Dmitry Starchuk
Wayne, NJ

February, 2020
Thank you so much for all of your time and love love love the Sauna. It is truly Almost Heaven!

Mary in McGregor IA
October, 2019
John Morelli has written a wonderful narrative, complete with pictures. To read
the review in it's entirety please visit the post we have dedicated to it on our blog.
Thank you so much for such a fine product and such outstanding service and support.

John Morelli
Rush, NY
July, 2014
This project started almost 9 years ago when I had the builder rough in the basement, including a space for the sauna. My 7 year relocation to Australia put progress on hold, however, I now have my sauna and could not be happier. Went in easy and looks great!

Taking my time and following the installation guide seemed almost too easy.

My wife and I had our first sauna tonight and all she could say was how good the sauna looked and how nice it was to be able to enjoy it in our own home.

Thanks for all your help and service along the way.


John Tatge
Northville, MI
December, 2012
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for delivering exactly what you promised. A beautiful, high quality sauna with a powerful combi unit that generates plenty of heat and steam. You were right. I love it. My wife and I have gone through a purification process that required long stays in the sauna and I just want to tell you, we really put it to the test. Needless to say we are now addicted to sitting in our sauna.

I had been putting a project like this off for many years, thinking maybe it was just too much. But after paying for gym memberships that we never used we really should have just bought one a long time ago. A good steam bath or sauna is my favorite reward for a good workout. Now we don't need to try to find the extra time to drive back and forth to and from the gym just to use dirty equipment. Yes we are spoiled.

Although I really appreciate the quality of the Sauna and Combi Unit, I must say that your attention to detail in the planning stages, along with your excellent communication skills really made this purchase a pleasant reality. Thank you so much for your guidance in helping us to plan this custom sauna kit and for your help in answering the many questions we had. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

If anyone out there is a little scared to build one of these kits, don't be. My wife and I put it together over a weekend. If anyone has ever build any kind of kit furniture, this is on or about the same gradient. That being said, I have never seen such high quality wood used in any sauna that I've ever been in. This wood is beautiful. It's a work of art and a pleasure to sit in.

Thank you Art for a great product, delivering what was promised and for being the consummate professional that you are.

We highly recommend your product and service to anyone considering purchasing a sauna.


Steve & Martha Sanger
Bakersfield, CA
June, 2012
I wanted to thank you for your "warm way" of doing business (good for selling saunas and hot tubs) and for following up on my back order. It came w/o a hitch.

I'm finishing up a stone veneer covering to the cement board which will back up the hearth and woodstove. Hopefully, the Finnish Delight you sent me will go in at the end of the week. What a lovely little stove. (I have a Swedish Finn background).

Don't you think there should be more celebration of small businesses like yours who offer great products and caring service?

All the best!

Peter Monkres
Great Cacapon WV
January, 2012
Thanks again, Art. You never fail to answer me promptly, clearly, and completely. As I just said to my wife, we certainly bought our sauna kit at the right place.

We have used the sauna five evenings in a row now, and will probably continue it on a daily basis. Our skin is softer and cleaner (and not as dry) than ever, our spirits are renewed, we have energy at night for reading and love-making without feeling tired or groggy, and we sleep much better. We feel reborn.


Paul Tate
Pocatello, ID
December, 2010
I had my first gathering on Saturday evening and the Sauna was a BIG HIT! Everyone was very impressed with the Sauna combination of dry heat and steam [Tylo Combi]! I absolutely LOVE my sauna and best of all is your support from before the sale to even now!

Thank you again for everything!

Pamela Teamer
Stone Mountain, GA
October, 2010
I'm more than happy with the heater that I purchased. The price was right, the delivery was speedy and I am a very satisfied customer. As a matter of fact, a friend of mine has seen my sauna and is planning to build his own. I have already recommended your website as the place to get the best deal.

Dennis Birkes
Slippery Rock, PA
March, 2010
Excellent product and exceptional support

Buying a sauna from a stranger who lives hundreds of miles away can be scary. When, after much research in the region and on the Net, we chose to entrust the dream of a life time to Art Glick, Almost Heaven Group, we found that we could not have made a better choice.

Art advised, helped and supported us every step of the way from the process of designing a tailor-made sauna with us, answering our countless questions promptly by e-mail or telephone, and guiding us through the stages of setting up the finished sauna until everything was just right.

The sauna is beautifully cedar-paneled inside and outside, and very finely crafted. Walls, ceiling, and benches all fit precisely.

The Tylo heater, which was the heater of our choice, gives off a very pleasant heat. It warms up from about 20° F to about 180° F in just under 40 minutes, which is certainly faster than any heater/sauna combination we have seen before.

We have spent countless hours in many different saunas during our years in Europe, but we agree that Art Glick's Heavenly Sauna has given us the best sauna experiences of all. It is truly an exquisite product of the highest quality.

Thank you, Art.

E. Thomas and Sieglind Green
Raymond, NH
December, 2000
My pre-cut sauna is complete and in operation. Thank you for all of the guidance that was provided so willingly. In the end, it was the personal touch that convinced me to purchase from you.

I appreciated the fact that your kit components were designed to provide a first-rate sauna, the boards were all absolutely clear with a perfect finish. It was evident that no short cuts were taken and no compromises made. Everything was designed, packaged and labelled with care which made the process of building the sauna easier than it could have been. The step-by-step directions were easily followed. In every respect, Almost Heaven delivered the quality that was advertised.

I took my time putting the sauna together. It was a satisfying project that was well rewarded the first time the room was heated up.

I spent awhile looking into sauna kits from different suppliers and am very happy that I chose Almost Heaven now that the sauna is complete because the sauna is absolutely great. I haven't found any flaws in the room's design or workmanship.

Even my 'significant other' has had to admit that the sauna is pretty sweet. She was not an original backer of this enterprise but, this being a democracy, she got out-voted. Which, I think, is good for both of us.

Anyone wishing further information concerning the pre-cut kit is welcome to contact me at jkite51@yahoo.com

Jeff Kite
Alton, New Hampshire
July, 2004
Almost Heaven's saunas are excellent and competitively priced, the choice is good, and the turnover time is fairly fast. In short, I would be a satisfied customer even if this was the whole story.

But it is not. What makes this company special and in my experience, unique, is the unbelievably high level of service. This point is often mentioned in the testimonials on this site, but frankly, I thought some of it was hype. I found out that it is perfectly true and justified.

In my first phone call, Art Glick answered my questions so thoroughly and convincingly that after comparing his prices with the competition (they were good), I opted for Almost Heaven. In several phone conversations and e-mail exchanges, Art guided me patiently and competently through the various choices and decisions - I had some space constraints and ended ordering a precut sauna.

His attention and interest did not diminish after I mailed him my check: he sent me very complete info and advice about the delivery and helped me with doubts about the installation. He answered all my e-mails promptly and was always available and helpful over the phone.

I really can't understand how he can give his customers so much of his time and energy and I am very grateful for his help.

If anyone has further questions about my experience with Almost Heaven's saunas, feel free to contact me at kaftal@math.uc.edu

Victor Kaftal
Okeana, OH
January, 2004
Our search for the perfect sauna started a year before we purchased one. In looking, carefully, at the myriad of competitors, one quickly stood out from the others: Almost Heaven. Art's in-depth replies to my questions via email are a testament to what costumer service should be, especially in this age where it is becoming increasingly rare. His thoughtful replies and suggestions led us to custom-create the perfect sauna for our needs.

Art's suggestion for us to consider the Combi Tylo heater is one suggestion we are truly grateful for, as it really expands the possibilities of sauna bathing. The pre-built sauna we purchased went together exactly as described...my wife and I were quite surprised how quickly the two of us were able to assemble the walls and roof sections. Having had the sauna installed now for just over a week, and having used it every night, I can say that one cannot go wrong with this as an investment in one's good health. Our 4-year-old daughter loves spending time in it each evening with us.

Even after the sale, Art has continued to provide us with expert advice on the nuances of sauna ownership and maintenance. We would enthusiastically recommend Almost Heaven as your choice for a premium sauna!

David Eichler
Lawrence, KS
December, 2006
I've been meaning to send you an email for some time now, to thank you for our wonderful sauna. Your expert help, patient and capable advice, willingness to keep working with us until we had just the right sauna for our space, and then your support for our builder, was all well beyond excellent. I wish everything that we installed in our house worked so well, and that all of the suppliers were as competent and easy to work with. I'd recommend you to anyone!

I have to tell you that, at one point after we'd placed our order, I had some fears about whether we'd committed to some Internet con job. You'd been responsive, helpful, and seemingly very well-informed, but maybe it was just an incredibly smooth sales job without much to back it up. Far from it, as it turned out.

One telling story: after the cut pieces had been delivered to the job site, we were doing a walk through with the cabinet maker who was going to build our kitchen and bathroom cabinets. This man had started out his career working for Ethan Allen for many years before going into custom cabinetry, and he knows a lot about woodworking. He looked over the bundled materials, he picked up a piece of the paneling, running his hand over it. "I'm impressed," he said. "This is the kind of work we had to do when I worked for Ethan Allen. This is real quality work." I breathed a lot easier after that.

As I said, I'd recommend you to anybody.

Thanks again

Michael Gehringer
Nellysford, VA
September, 2004
We totally agree with the comments from Thomas and Sieglind Green and actually there is nothing else to add. Once again we'd like to highlight your exceptional support. Furthermore, we highly recommend the Tylo Combi heater which opens a variety of ways enjoying the sauna.

Many thanks,
Annette and Andy Tiefenbach
South Lyon, MI
May, 2005
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the sauna and your customer care! Really high quality product and perfect timing. We use it 3 times a week at least on the Russian manner with birch brooms and eucalyptus infusion. Our best ever investment.

The only thing I cannot get why "almost" Heaven? We suggest you change the name getting rid of "almost" :)

Happy New Year and warmest wishes,
Katya Tsvetkov
North Potomac, MD
January, 2006
I just want to say THANK YOU again for the wonderful sauna your company made last year for our home in State College, PA. My contractor Mr. Basalla is very proud that he built something so beautiful, but he said that the quality of your materials were so good, that it was easy for him to succeed.

We use it each week and LOVE IT. It is Almost Heaven indeed!

Sincerely yours,
Elena and Semyon--happy Russian sauna users :)
State College, PA
November, 2004
We wanted to cheerily report that we have sampled our beautiful sauna. All is hooked up, and the heater is so quick in warming the pleasant space. It is quite an experience getting toasted in our cozy little cabin,---one that we will look forward to revisiting for our health and relaxation. We know our new year and many years to come will be almost heavenly thanks to your competent, caring overseeing and your crew's expertise. Our most sincere thanks for all you have done to make it possible. Please feel free to use us for a testimony, phone or e-mail. The best to you in your future business. It has been our utmost pleasure!

With high regard and satisfaction,
Kathy & Bill Coombs,
Springfield, NH
December, 2005
We purchased a sauna from you this past spring, and are LOVING IT! The winter in Maine will take on a different flavor! We built an 8x8 wood fired sauna, with changing room and porch, down back by the brook, it's a great addition to our home! Thank you for all your help and assistance, it is and was a pleasure working with you

Tracy St. Onge & Ethan May
Bridgton, ME
October, 2003
I want to thank you formally for all that you have done to help me build my new sauna. You answered all my numerous email inquiries promptly and with sound advice. You guided me through the process of wiring the Tylo heating unit. You forestalled a potential disaster by advising me to cover the CCA treated wood floor with a vapor barrier. You helped me identify and correct flaws in my design. You arranged to have the shipment arrive exactly when I wanted it. And you stopped what you were doing to talk to me every time I called.

Working with you has been a gratifying experience: your expertise on saunas is impressive, even more impressive is your willingness to share it. Now I understand why the contractor who pointed me in the direction of Almost Heaven was so enthusiastic about the quality of your products and service.
Thank you very, very much,

Martin Dillon
Friendsville, PA
November, 2002
We are now enjoying our beautiful cedar sauna that we purchased from you via the website and it is GREAT!!! What a wonderful relaxing touch this has added to our home..something..or should I say a place we can go during the winter months when the pool is iced over to sit back and relax.

You were right!!! The finished product went together like a perfect puzzle. We love this new room in our basement addition. Thank you very much for all of your professional courteous service throughout the process.

Your knowledge and accessibility made this part of the project one of the easiest to orchestrate! Thanks again Art, if you ever need a recommendation, feel free to use this note.

Brad Reden
Peoria, IL
January, 2002
The name of your company is really quite misleading. Now that we're finished with the research and incessant questions, we've bought, constructed, and finely bathed in our new sauna, we're way past "Almost Heaven". "Nirvana" is just one more sauna a way - I can feel it!! I've wanted a sauna in my home for 27 years and I still can't believe this dream has finally come true.

And much as I love the sauna itself, I've gotta say that an equally good experience was working with you from start to finish. It still blows me away that every time I call, you answer the phone, and have time to address whatever the "issue dujour" happens to be. From complex layout discussions, to venting theory, to heater electrical layouts you've been an exceptional resource. My business takes me inside sophisticated customer service departments regularly, and I have to congratulate you on getting customer service right without a lot of expensive technology. So often it's the simple things that rise up as important, and just having you answer the phone is really a breath of fresh air. As I mentioned many times, your excellent website lured me, and your customer service clinched the deal. Our contractor enjoyed constructing our pre-cut kit and is quite proud of his accomplishment - you made it easy for him too.

So Art, if you ever need a good reference, look us up. We're VERY satisfied customers and expect to stay that way for years to come. You put out a great product and we're so glad to have found you - you made the whole sauna construction experience very pleasurable.

Wendy Norton
Middleville, MI
March, 2003
It's been awhile since its arrival but the sauna came safe and sound and has been used many times. It was extremely easy to set up (it just took a little organization).

Thanks for the suggestion of getting the panel kit, I think that was the best way to go for us. We were able to use it the same weekend we got it. I love it! I've been sticking to my rules of the prerequisite of working out before using the sauna. The sauna's such a nice treat after a workout, it really makes working out something to look forward to.

The delivery turned out to be perfect. The company was apologizing for getting it to us late so they bent over backwards helping us get it out of the truck. We were all happy.

I'm so happy I got the sauna. I've never really been a big sauna user but it's so relaxing. Even on hot days (it's been in the 100's already), there's a huge difference between sweating from a hot summer day and sweating in a nice smelling cedar sauna.

After researching alot of different sauna manufacturers I felt that Almost Heaven Group had everything I was looking for. Experience, quality, Tylo heaters, and reasonable pricing. After receiving and using the sauna I know I made a great decision. I know I have a sauna for life.

Thanks again for all of your help. I really appreciate your interaction with our decision.

Take Care

Molly Wollam
Grass Valley, CA
May, 2001
Art, we wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much we are enjoying our sauna.

Carl and I want to thank you for all your patience and assistance in designing a sauna that met our particular space limitations and desires.

This was our first experience with buying a large item over the Internet and we were a little apprehensive; however, your technical expertise and helpful, friendly attitude made the whole experience a pleasure. Even the driver for the transportation company that you contracted with went above and beyond to be helpful.

Both how easy it was to put the sauna together and the attention to detail/amount of trim that was supplied to build a first class product pleasantly surprised us. The corner cut was the perfect solution to our space issues and the extra wide lower bench which you suggested is so comfortable that we now argue about who gets to lay on it (smile). The Tylo heater is first rate and warms up to 180 degrees in less than 20 minutes.

This is a dream come true for my husband; he has wanted a sauna for years. The dream is now a reality, thanks to you and your company Almost Heaven Group.

Again Thanks

Elaine Harrison
Cibolo, TX
June, 2001
My wife and I had our first sauna last night. We enjoyed the sauna very much. Everything looks great and works well. The boards were square and smooth, and they fit well together. The door and heater work great.

Overall my wife and I are very satisfied with the sauna - its quality, functionality, and assembly. I am particularly pleased with the sales process - we were able to manage this project entirely by e-mail, and your service, Art, has been excellent.

Thanks again for all your service with this project. I particularly appreciated the tone of your notes. Your representation of the company via e-mail went a long way to establish the credibility of a company that I had only heard of on the internet.

If anyone asks me where to buy a sauna, I will definitely recommend Almost Heaven Group.

Thanks again,

David McMorris
Lake in the Hills, IL
March, 2001
I purchased a 6 x 8 pre fab sauna several months ago and wanted to give you some feedback for your web site. Your help through the planning process was great, always fast. The sauna arrived well packed and protected. The construction and materials are excellent, directions clear. I was able to put the shell up with 1 helper and myself in 3 hours, the rest of the construction took me 1.5 days on the weekend to finish. The sauna looks great, and best of all works great, especially with the Combi unit. Thanks again for your help and a great product.

David Sherman
Mequon, WI
April, 2004
The sauna has been installed. You have a very satisfied contractor & home owner. I would highly recommend anyone in search of a sauna to consider Almost Heaven.

Job Well Done!

Thanks again,

John Ramsey
Geneva, NY
April, 2001
I just started the Combi up today. It is great! It heated up in less than 15 minutes. The Sauna went together very easily. I was sure that there would be a number of items that wouldn't fit but was pleasantly surprised.

Mike Koontz
Overland Park, KS
January, 2001
At this time our new sauna heater is being installed. Thank you very much for your assistance in making this possible with minimal hassle. One is never sure when doing e-business. Thank you again. With Regards,

John Martyr
Sandy Point Services Ltd.
St James, Trinidad
May, 2004

Ionizers (Water Purifiers) Testimonials
Art, at Almost Heaven, ask me to share with you my experience with their Water purifier. I purchased it last spring, for our above ground, so I have used it for one complete season. We have had the pool for 13 years using Bromine for 2 years with lots of problems, including an allergic reaction to it by my daughter. The Chlorine was better for us but we got Mustard algae EVERY year. If you've had mustard algae, you know it is a PAIN to deal with. We took a chance and purchased the Almost Heaven electronic ionizer. It is much easier, cheaper (after the initial purchase) and for the first time did NOT have mustard algae. No chlorine fumes. I love it. We are having a new inground installed and are using the Almost Heaven purifier (same one....right off of our old pool)

Art has been most helpful with all my questions about using it on the new pool, even knowing he wouldn't be selling us an additional unit. He even did some research on the product the local pool company wanted to install on our new pool.

Camille Browning
Gadsden, AL
April, 2002
Art, well seeeing is believing! I installed my new liner and ionizer just 4 days before I was gone on vacation for 2 weeks, expecting to come home to a green pool, and to my surprise it was CRYSTAL CLEAR! Thanks! I wish I'd heard about your product years ago.

John Pack
Kansas City, KS
May, 2004
I purchased an ionizer from you a little over a month ago. I installed it into a Clearwater Spa and delivered the spa to the customer. There is an ozone system in the spa as well. We have been doing the weekly service on the spa for about five weeks now. I am impressed with how clean the water is staying. There are three children and two adults in the family and they use the spa every day. I notice the Ph increases slowly. Each week I lower the Ph from 7.8 to 7.6, add two tbls. of shock and two ounces of natural enzyme to control the body oil. Thats it! I'm very pleased with the results I'm seeing so far and the customer is very pleased as well.


Gary Rose
Manager at Mackey Spas
Lakeport, CA
October, 2005

Hot Tub Testimonials
I just want to share my customer experience with you and other potential clients who are considering using your services. To sum up, I would highly recommend Almost Heaven to anyone considering purchasing anything from them. While I can only speak directly to the hot tub that I purchased, based on the quality of customer service, support, and professionalism that I have received I firmly believe that their establishment as a whole is top-notch.

If the numerous options they offer seem a little daunting, the support you will receive and their pricing makes it very much worth it. Specifically Art from the Almost Heaven team was very knowledgeable and consistently helpful with every aspect of the purchase that I had any uncertainties on.

I'm very much looking forward to purchasing a sauna as my next item. Thank you so much to Almost Heaven for helping to bring some spa quality life to my home.

Best Regards,

Victor Baerner
Santa Rosa, CA
January, 2021
I have been meaning to send a mail to say thanks for all your help with the hot tub. The French do not know what customer service is, however, thankfully you do.

Rob and Michelle Brooks
Vouvant, France
October, 2013
We received the cover yesterday and it fits and looks perfect. Thanks and it was a pleasure doing business and chatting with you.

Have a great weekend and God Bless!

Phil Beam
Lawndale, NC
October, 2012
We wish everyone did business the way you do. Thank you.

Best regards,

Warren and Wanda Moritz
Hanover, MD
October, 2012
Art, that is awesome service. You're a lifesaver. Thank you for getting the order out so quick. I will let all the neighbors know what great customer service you have.

Scott Patterson
Rineyville, KY
June, 2011
Just a note to say hi, and to thank you for putting up with me while I took on the spa pump and pipe re-assembly project at my home. The work is not my primary occupation, but completing it successfully (with your help) brought me some personal satisfaction and new knowledge.

Your assistance and patience remain appreciated. Pleasure doing business with you.

Michael Kelly
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
June, 2011
Katherine (my wife) found the original receipts for our first Almost Heaven [hot tub] purchase. I sent my check on July 22, 1986. 17 years ago. Glad to have found you again. We are very happy with the product and the service.

David Allen
Fort Lauderdale, FL
April, 2004
Being a resident of the UK, we were initially a little nervous about making such a big purchase from overseas, but after talking to Art my mind was put at rest. He knew his products inside out, and was more than happy to reassuringly answer my seemingly endless stream of questions. Thanks to Art and his company Almost Heaven hot tubs, our self build project was a success. I have even built a website as a diary of our hot tub adventure.
Cheers Art!

Paul Maunders
Aldershot, Hampshire, U.K.
May, 2006
The cover arrived about 1:45 today. Everything was fine. Was worth the wait. Thanks for your help in the excellent customer service. Not often when the seller follows up many times to make sure the customer is satisfied.

Bill Riley
Covington, VA
August, 2006

Miscellaneous Testimonials
We love our room! Thank you so much for everything!

Stephanie Wright
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

February, 2021
Thanks very much for your help and advice on the steam shower. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Your valuable knowledge of your products is only surpassed by your friendly business demeanor and fair business practices. I would happily refer friends to your business, not only for the great prices, but for the expert advice and professionalism that they would experience.

Peter Friedenberg
Minneapolis, MN
September, 2002
Let me tell you my experience regarding Almostheaven.net. I sent a letter to their email address and received a letter back in a matter of hours. The letter was thorough, answered my questions... Anticipated some other questions I might have and answered those...Art even gave me a URL that provided even more information which I found very useful.

I read his letter and responded with another one of my own which was also promptly answered. I then called him and we talked further. Each time my interactions were positive and prompt. Once I decided to purchase it from him we discussed price. I made him aware of a competitor's price which was lower than his advertised price and he met it without condition.

My feelings were so positive about this transaction that I insisted on paying him an additional amount on top of the price match to compensate him for the extra care given me in his emails and on the phone. My point is this, many consumers today, myself included, are willing to pay a premium for customer service.

>From his actions BEFORE the sale I am very confident he will be there when I need him AFTER the sale and that is worth something to me that I am very willing to pay. When I can't get good customer service even before the sale, when the motivation is the greatest, I am very doubtful it will be there after the sale when its most important to the consumer.

Geoff Burnham
Waterford, CT
February, 2003
My choice of using Almost Heaven was very much based on the extensive response to my questions. For me that is excellent service! Thank you very much!

Jonny Hesthammer
Fyllingsdalen, Norway
April, 2001
I'm sure it wouldn't have turned out as nice without your tips and suggestions.

Tony Bongiorno
Grosse Ile, MI
January, 2001
I meant to write earlier and say that you have great products and really great service. Something that is becoming a rarity.

Dr. Russell Page
Ozark, Alabama
August, 2006

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