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6 x 8 Pre-Built Sauna
The perfect "Group Sauna"

Your sauna includes:
  • Grade A Select Vertical Grain Western Red Cedar
  • Vertical Grain Benches in either a "Floating" or "Open" style - Sauna Bench Upgrades Available
  • Duckboard floor for exposed walking area
  • 8.0 kW Harvia KIP Sauna Heater with built in controls, stones and a 3 sided heater guard - Sauna Heater Upgrades Available
  • Fir Sauna Door with a 16" x 60" Thermal Window - Sauna Door Upgrades Available
  • Wall Mount Light
  • Sauna Thermometer
  • Wooden Water Bucket with Liner
  • Wooden Ladle
  • Cedar Sauna Headrest
  • Cedar Sliding Adjustable Vent
  • Three Cedar Vent Grills

6x8 Group Sauna with All Panelled Exterior

(additional charge to above price for each outer wall in Cedar)

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The exterior of the walls of your sauna can either be panelled with finished plywood or covered in the same Vertical Grain Grade A Select Western Red Cedar tongue and groove as the entire interior, and this is a common choice when the sauna will be erected against a wall or into the corner of the existing room. The cost of upgrading to a cedar exterior is shown below. For an outdoor sauna, please select to have all outer walls below in cedar exterior and click the checkbox at the bottom of the page pertaining to a roof upgrade. Please select your choices below.

All Walls Panelled Exterior is selected by default

Two 8' Walls Cedar Exterior
(+ $1312.00)
One 8' Wall Cedar Exterior
(+ $656.00)
Two 6' Walls Cedar Exterior
(+ $980.00)
One 6' Wall Cedar Exterior
(+ $490.00)
All Walls Panelled Exterior

Please select a door and bench arrangement

Note for Styles C, D, G, and H: With the door in the middle
of the front wall the side lower bench is not full width.

6 x 8 Sauna Layouts
6x8 Style A 6x8 Style B 6x8 Style C 6x8 Style D
6x8 Style E 6x8 Style F 6x8 Style G 6x8 Style H
6x8 Style I  6x8 Style J 6x8 Style K 6x8 Style L

Your sauna includes vertical grain benches in either the 1x4 "Floating" or 2x2 "Open" style. To see pictures and other upgrade options please click here. Please make a bench selection.

1x4 Floating Benches

2x2 Open Benches

Included in your 6x8 Group Sauna Package is an 8kW Harvia KIP Heater with built in controls. There are upgrades available for this heater (including separate control panels), which can be seen on our full description of Harvia Sauna Heaters.

If information on a bench, heater, roof or door upgrade
is desired please click the appropriate checkbox.

Bench Upgrade

Heater Upgrade

Roof Upgrade

Door Upgrade

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Roof Systems Available for Outdoor Saunas

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