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Tylo Wood Fired Sauna Heater Installation

Figure 1 lnstalling the Tylo Wood-fired Sauna Stove

The stove should stand on stone or concrete flooring. If you have a wooden floor, the area under the stove and approximately 30 cm (12") around it should be covered with horizontally laid bricks, and the bricks then topped with a 2 mm (1/16") thick piece of sheet metal. (See Figure 1).

If the stove is placed next to a stone or brick wall, leave a gap of at least 5 cm (2") between the stove and wall. The stove and its flue pipe must be placed at least 50 cm (20")away from flammable material such as wood etc. However, this safety margin may be reduced to 25 cm (10") if the wall behind the stove is protected from floor to ceiling by a 1 mm (1/32") thick shield of sheet metal. There must be a gap of at least 5 cm (2") between this shield and the wooden wall in order to let any warm air circulate.

Wooden ceilings above the stove must be adequately protected with a 1 mm (1/32") metal shield measuring 800 x 800 mm (32" x 32"). Here too there must be a gap of at least 5 cm (2") between the shield and the wooden ceiling. Minimum ceiling height in the sauna is 1900 mm (75").
Chimney and flue

The stove may be connected either to a brick or stone chimney or to a metal one. The 104 mm (4") diameter flue pipe may be connected to the top or back of the stove.

The wood-fired stove comes complete with a flue connection with a flange. When building a brick or stone chimney, leave an opening between 15 cm and 18 cm in diameter, suitably located to ensure that the distance from the floor to the middle of the opening is 60 cm. Place the flue connection in the opening so that the center of the pipe is 60 cm above floor-level. Then seal around the flue connection with mineral wool.

Figures 2 and 3 show examples of how to fit the flue pipe and chimney. Use the cover provided to seal off the flue opening on the stove which is not in use.

Operation and maintenance

The stove is designed for use with wood, peat, briquettes and paper. Particleboard, chipboard, fibreboard and plastics may not be used. For safety's sake, make sure that you store whatever fuel you use at temperatures under 80 degrees C (176 degrees F).

As the draft, the through-flow of air in the stove, relies on negative pressure in the chimney rather than positive pressure in the firebox, the form of the chimney is of great significance. The draft can also be affected by factors such as differences in the height of surrounding buildings, high trees, ventilation in the sauna etc. In order to maximize the effect of the stove it is possible to control the draft by regulating the ash holder.


The effect of the stove can be adjsted by the ash holder. When it is closed the draft is weakest and the time of fire is maximized. When the ash holder is open the effect is best and the fire minimized. When heating the stove with maximum draft and with good of the chimney draft the flue will be glowing red. To heat the stove that much should be avoided as this will shorten the life of the stove.

If you are intending to leave your sauna stove unused for some time, it is advisable to grease it to prevent any rust.


The air supply vent must be located on the wall close to the floor and as far from the stove as possible. The vent should be about 100-150 in size and it should have an adjustable cover so that the rate of air flow can be adjusted as desired. The stove itself acts as an exhaust airvent, thus eliminating the need for any special extract or vent.
Figure 2 and3

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